Dear Mr. O'Brien,

For 35 years I've been a Reliance customer. Diligently paying the cost of a rental water heater every quarter. Expecting that, if there was ever an issue with my water heater, it would be resolved relatively quickly.

Yesterday I realized my water was not hot. The AB lights are lit indicating an igniter fault. I called Reliance at 12:09. " A technician would be onsite no later than 5pm. I can't give you a specific time because our computer systems are down."

At 7pm I called again but it took several attempts, because the call center phone kept hanging up on me when I selected residence. I selected 0 # in the end and got through.

The call center rep said "You have been moved to 9pm."

I called again at 9:30 pm. No one has called prior. No one onsite.

I spoke to Sylvia who told me that "someone would be by from 9 to 5pm tomorrow or maybe before 11pm tonight. I asked don't they have cell phones?"

She tried to get a hold of someone or just put me on hold for a few minutes. Came back and said, "I can't reach anyone." "Our computer systems are down."

I worked in IT. If the computer systems are down all day then Reliance has got some serious issues.

I said that is unacceptable. I've heard this all day. May I at least speak to a supervisor?

After being on hold a few minutes she came back and said, "they are in a meeting."

I informed Sylvia that by noon tomorrow if I haven't received a call from someone - a tech, supervisor - telling me what time my service appointment is … actually is … I'm going to have to get a company that actually is able to provide service.

Well this morning it's 10:30 March 19 ... no calls, no one onsite. I contacted another supplier - a reliable supplier as they provide my furnace and air conditioning equipment already. They will be here before 2pm with a new water heater. And it's cheaper! So thank you Reliant for being unreliable. I should have done this years ago.

Mr. O'Brien … I just wanted you to know why you are losing my business.

Thanks for reading this.